Log Saw Blades
dischi troncatori
 Log saw blades

Our partner Edessö-Werk, is a manufacturer of such log saw blades and are suitable to cut rolls of tissue and other materials for various applications.
Constant tests on all production processes and raw materials ensures that our customers will have the maximum benefit from our blades.
Made of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum alloy or chrome-vanadium are specifically manufactured to ensure an exceptionally long life, constant cutting quality and stability.
We manufacture blades up to a diameter of 1200mm (1,2 meter).

Some of the most common dimensions are:

Originalmaße - engste Toleranzen
Original dimensions - closest tolerances / Cotes d’origine - tolérances extrêmement étroites
Maschinen Typ
machine type
Type de machine
Width of bevel
Largeur de biseau
Paper Converting
Perini, Hobema
609,6 x 4,76 x 68,25 mm 24 x 3/16 x 2,687 inches
609,6 x 4,76 x 82,55 mm 24 x 3/16 x 3,250 inches
190/240 mm 71/2 / 91/2 inches
190/240 mm 71/2 / 91/2 inches
Industrial (Jumbo) Rolls
nur/only SUPERCUT
810 x 6,00 x 60,00 mm
1000 x 8,00 x 60,00 mm


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