Circular knives
Up to 40 manufacturing operations are necessary for a knife to receive our seal of quality. Even the slightest tolerance deviation from specification -though it might not affect the slitting result, but might lead to increased wear and dust formation -will fail our stringent quality requirements.
Highly precise circular knives from steel, refined, DPM, carbide and ceramicare available for the most varied applications up to a diameter of 500 mm.
Besidesour large standardproduct range, together with our worldwide customers, we develops individual knives and configurations for their respective application.
The precision and quality of the multiple knife blocks are just as important as the knife itself. 
Top knives
  1. Dished simple bevel knife
  2. Dished double bevel knife
  3. Dished special bevel knife
  4. Dished double hollow bevel
  5. Flat knives in different shapes

Flat and dished knives

Knives for core cutting 
Polished knives  
Crush cutting knives 
Mini slit knives for cutting from Knives for folding machines
Knives for cardboard and slotters
Knives for corrugated paper
Self-locking and plain bore collars


With single or double cutting edge
With plain bore 
       or        self locking system

Multigroove knife blocks
- Single cutting edge
- Double cutting edge
- In 2 pieces design
- With plain bore or with screw locking
- On drawing basis