Cutting System

We use to monitor performances and productions at the major international manufacturers and converters of flexible materials, in many branches (paper, plastics, rubber, aluminum, multi-lay materials,..etc.) We concluded that our cutting systems, for the high mechanical stability, increases the knife’s life, reduces the dust with an excellent cutting quality. An investment on DIENES’s cutting system gives reduced maintenance, longer production and less waste of material. The return of investments is short. By working closely with OEMs, we build systems with cutting speed of 3500mt/min on slitter-rewinders.
The sheeters can be equipped with a system to cut up to 1000 gr/msq.
We face new challenges. Our new, fully automatic knife positioning system „Simu-Flash” was developed in order to minimize waste during exchange procedures and to make any change of slit widths faster and the procedure more secure. „Simu-Flash” is a simultaneous knife positioning unit, i. e. all knives are positioned at the same time computer controlled. This procedure guarantees the high positioning accuracy Dienes is well known for.
The intuitive touch-screen handling supports operators, enabling them to do any change of slit widths in an error-free, safe, precise and quick way. The time required will only be a few seconds, independent of the number of knives in operation.

The Simu-Flash System is very compact and compatible with almost every Dienes shear cut-, crush cut- and razor blade knife holder (even simultaneously in operation).  
- minimum set-up times due to simultaneous, computer controlled positioning of all holders
- high positioning accuracy
- minimum waste
- suitable for most machine frames
- suitable for all cutting processes, even simultaneously in operation (shear, crush and razor cut)
- error-free
- safe
Our cutting systems can be integrated into existing machines within the scope of modernisations or included into new ones.
The complete customer’s satisfaction is our best advertisement.

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